Collection costs

£100 for pickup, diagnosis, and return. Does not include fix, this will be discussed with you during diagnosis.

The collector is David. He’s a lovely guy but security is his strength, he doesn’t like to get involved in anything technical, so please don’t ask him. We have our nerds at HQ for technical questions. You will be kept up to date and contacted by our nerds to discuss a fix and further costs if any. They will also contact your for your credentials, which we advise changing as soon as you get your device back. You can trust us but you shouldn’t take our word for it.

You can if you have the original packaging, but David will want to make sure it is secure himself and we can provide secure packaging as part of your experience.

We will take photos of the exterior of the device so that we have a record of any previous damage or scratches, in the unlikely event you thin k it may have happened in transit. Our collector David will make sure your laptop or device is kept safe and secure on its way to the IT Guys HQ.

It depends on the type of fix, but typically, £60 for most jobs excluding any parts like a screen or a new hard drive.

If it cannot be fixed we can offer a like for like replacement or organise a new device with all of your data migrated. We can destroy your old one or recycle it as required. If you don’t want to have it fixed or recycled we can return it to you where we picked it up.

Yes, just let us know where we need to pick it up from.

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